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Custom Work allows you to have the ultimate input in what you purchase...
Have you ever seen a picture of a coffee table, a bakers rack, or a bed that  you just loved but couldn't find anywhere?  Did you buy something that was perhaps similar but just not what you really wanted?  That is  settling.  We've all done it at one time or another.
When it comes to the wrought iron pieces for your home, don't settle...
Custom work is affordable.  Through Custom Design we are able to give you  the best "bang" for your buck.  Sure, custom does cost a little more than if you walked into a store and picked out something from a large showroom selection.
But...  we build it for YOU and its what YOU want.
Key Benefits
  • Get exactly what you want
  • Donít Settle
  • You can choose your own design

We can design a piece that will compliment your home, suit your own  style and fill any function that you require.
We have a number of  ways to do this:

  • Customize one of our pieces
           We can conform one of our own products to meet your needs; whether it is design, size or function.
  • Custom from an existing piece or design
           We can design a piece to match in style to something you already have so that it looks as if it belongs. We can reproduce a piece from a magazine clipping or photograph, reworking it if you like to personalize it to your tastes. Or, we can take the things you like  best out of a number of pieces and incorporate them into the piece you  want.
  • Custom from scratch
           We can create an entirely new design based on an idea, using your  preferences to give you the look you want.
How we do it...    

A design idea always comes first..
You tell us what you want....
We can come up with one on our own or you can bring one in to us.
Whatever the choice, we strive to create the look  you are trying to obtain.
Next we doodle, turn it into something that you can visualize
and from there we get your input and do some fine tuning
then we turn it into specs with all the  measurements
and... we build it.

We do some tweeking...

And we end up with a happy customer
[2 on this one]
and pride in our work..

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We're not just another welding shop!

Hallman IronWorks
300 Trillium Drive, Unit 10, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2E 2K6
Phone: 519-894-6356