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We make repairs to all manner of things...
broken welds, replace ornamental accents... on both steel and cast iron.


  • Something you enjoy having in your home will not be discarded
  • Repairing a piece saves from replacing it completely

Our Capabilities... We can repair, re-work or strengthen previous welds from older wrought iron  pieces... sometimes on newer pieces too...

  • Replace welds
    We often repair broken welds at the joining of seats to legs on  chairs where there is often strain placed at the load bearing structure points.
  • Strengthen structures
    Chairs and tables come in that were built light for a purpose, but do not have the stability to withstand wear and tear.  A simple  joining system can be added to stabilize flimsy legs.
  • Replace parts
    Often we can replace strapping in chairs, reproduce and replace  missing scrolls etc

Refinishing an item is the removal of the current finish and reapplying the same colour or changing that colour to reflect the customer's style and decor.  Often repairs are included.


  • Extend life of an important piece of your home or garden decor. Freshen appearance of an item that is timeless in design, but where the colour dates it
  • Match finishes to one that you like better
  • Sometimes, an old favorite really only needs to be refinished to re-establish it's charm.

Our Capabilities
Over the years we have developed and refined our finishing techniques.   From simple colour choices to those trickier multi-step colours... Just as you would reupholster furniture, you can refinish your wrought iron to update it to suite your decor

  • Choose from one of our Colour Samples
     We offer a large selection of colour samples
  • Bring in one of your own
    Let us apply a colour you've brought in


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We're not just another welding shop!


Hallman IronWorks
300 Trillium Drive, Unit 10, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2E 2K6
Phone: 519-894-6356