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Decorative Wrought Iron Accents
include simple candle holders, candelabra and chandeliers, bathroom and kitchen accessories, pot or wine racks, quilt racks, mirror frames or small wall shelves. Basically Decra. Accents are anything that is ornamental [useful or not] that you can move from place to place...
Weve set up the pages into 3 categories:
  • Candleware... Anything that can hold a candle.
  • Rackware... Anything that can hold anything else...
     sometimes with a candle or two.
  • Misc. Accents... everything else.. mirror frames, folding screens
     and more
Candleware is our term for anything that holds a candle, courting candles, candelabra or chandeliers.
Here is a sampling, for more of our Candleware check out our CATALOGUE.
Courting Candles
Available in Black, Brushed Steel or Natural

Simple Courting Candle
Also known as the stress candle

From the Heart
Courting Candle
Our Logo

Moonlight Courting Candle
stands or hangs

The trick behind these candle holders is to wind the candle above the coil to  burn.
Based on a 17th century candle holder that originated in the Swiss Alps. 
Then used in the "Americas" to limit the stay of prospective suitors who came calling.
Note: Suitor not required!!

If it stands on the floor or on a table it's a candelabra.  It can hold one  or more taper or pillar candles or even a mix of both.
Black, Brushed Steel, Antique Steel or Natural.. unless otherwise stated.

5 Candle Mix Candelabra
Approx. size
12W x 18H
A great candelabra for Advent!


-1, Sm. 22"H
-2,Md. 28"H
-3, Lg. 34"H
-123, Set of 3
Also available in Taper
Flower Patch, 6 Stem
Approx. 12"H x 10"Dm.
A great center piece with taper candles or votive pegs!

Candle Sconces
Most often, wall sconce are use for decoration
- a pair for on either side of a mirror or other framed piece.
 We place our candles at no less than 3" from the wall [at the candle's rear] to ensure
Black, Brushed Steel, Antique Steel or Natural

Candle Sconce Bar, 4 Pillar Arms
Approx.  36W x 30L

Chandeliers [or Candeliers]
For romantic dinners, or just a touch of ambience.

12 Arm/ 2 Tier Chandelier
Included 2 - 10 extension hooks
Our first chandelier, still going strong!
4, 6, 8 and 9 arm also available.
#134 [1]
Ring Chandelier
Scroll Arm Design
Approx. 22"Dm. Ring
Available in Pillar, Taper or Votive Rings
#134 [2]
Ring Chandelier
Simple Design
Approx. 22"Dm. Ring
Available in Pillar, Taper or Votive Rings

Custom Candleware available!
Chandeliers,  Sconces, Candelabra...

Shown, an 8 arm chandelier designed to hang from a high ceiling in a large room.
Made of heavier gage steel than normally used for chandeliers
so that it wouldn't be lost in the space which it was suspended in.
1/1 - One of a Kind
Custom Flower Candelabra
#150X [1]
Custom Candelabra
Spiral Base, Twist Stem
Rackware is what we affectionately call those household and/or decorative items that can hold anything. They can be Shelves, Bathroom racks, Kitchen racks, Wine racks, Pot racks, Quilt and Towel racks... you get the idea.
Here is a sampling, for more rackware check out our CATALOGUE.
Wine Racks
The most popular of our rackware,  we make them in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs and fit your spaces.
Brushed Steel, Antique Steel, Black, Natural or Custom
8 Bottle Wine Rack
Approx. 36"H x 19"Dm
24 Bottle Wine Rack
Approx. 36"H x 20"
Also Av. in Horizontal #260-1
Simple 6 Bottle Wine Rack
13.5H x 13W x 7Dp
Pot Racks
Not all kitchens have the cupboard space for that one essential cooking  utensil... the pot.  Have we got a solution for you!  We have a  variety of styles that can hang from the ceiling or wall.
Racks: Black, Brushed or Antique Steel or Natural
Hooks: Black, Brushed Steel or Natural
1/2 Round Wall Pot Rack
Pot Rack Hooks
come with each rack
with extras available
Ring Style Pot Rack

Wall Shelves
Available in itty bitty and really big sizes.. we custom create shelves in all sizes.  I'll share a little secret with you - we rarely sell one that isn't custom resized!
Black, Brushed or Antique Steel or Natural

2 Tier Wall Shelf
shown,  Approx.
28.5"H x 19.25"W x 8" & 11"Dp
10 Tier Wall Shelf
shown, Approx.
3 Tier Wall Shelf
shown, Approx.
27.5"H x 21.5"W x 7.25 & 9"Dp
Media Stack Rack
We have a version for it all: CD, DVD & VHS/Book Stack Racks... also available in combo racks for the mix you might need.  And we have them in book shelf format
Brushed Steel, or Natural
CD Rack,  Single Column
Holds approx. 100
Magazine Rack
Speaker Stands/ CD Racks

Bathroom Etc.
Towel Bars, T-Paper Holders, Paper Towel Holders, and more.
Black, Brushed Steel or Natural

For light or heavy duty, for holding a thin shelf of glass or a heavy microwave, we've got it covered.
Black, Brushed Steel or Natural

#087 [1]
C-Scroll Brackets
8" x 10",  PAIR
#087-2 [1]
Garden Style Brackets
8" x 10",  PAIR
#087-9 [1]
Heavy Duty Scroll Brackets
10" x 12",  PAIR
Custom Rackware available!
Brackets, Wine Racks, Pot Racks, Media Racks and more...

Custom Wall Shelf
Designed to fit just so on a glass brick wall, lining up with the grouting...

#222X [3]
Custom Pot Racks
Plasma cut top pieces
Anything from the "Birds On A Wire" shown here to an elongated Dachshund

Wall Art
Scroll Branch
Large Wall Flower
Sheldon Shark

Swivel Backs

Choose a Back and an attachment..
choose from Spirals, Ivy backs and more..
choose from Hooks, Plant Rings, Candleware and more.

Mirror Frames

Floating Frames Silicone In Frames Slide In Frames

Pet Stuff

Pet Beds




Christmas and other seasonal pieces.



Just give us an idea of what you need or want and let us run with it
using your specifications.

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