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Wrought Iron Home Decor Furniture falls under the category of "Special Order". Almost all our Furniture is ordered to customer specifications... Why settle?  We offer affordable custom work.

Youíll find the items on the furniture pages are marked with an ďXĒ
[eg. #354X] and are not priced. Thatís because they are custom created to allow you to choose what you want, how you want it, for your home.

We have added a number to each code to help you when you contact  for pricing
[eg. #354X [1], so that we know what picture youíre asking about.
Youíre more than welcome to order a piece as itís shown, weíll have the price available by phone or email.

One of the best things about having input into the design of your home decor is that you can add that extra inch here or there, or decrease the size of an item to fit in that special alcove, under that slanted ceiling or to make a dramatic statement.

How about updating a table that the top is fantastic but the dog chewed the legs off of.  Pick a base and let us know if the top sits on the frame or drops into place!
Itís just amazing what you can create with those left over floor tiles from your kitchen floor. We can build a bakerís rack or table where you can drop those tiles into place and WOW youíve got something thatís all your own.

For a better idea of how we do custom work
check out our Custom Work.

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